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Ticket price is $150 per ticket. There is a limit of 60 tickets for this event. Hope to see in on October 5th.

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Our Mission Statement

To provide care for dogs with mammary tumors/breast cancer and advance clinical and basic research to benefit both dogs and women with breast cancer.

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What To Look For

How do I know my dog has mammary tumors?

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Previous Programs

Lesley’s Place is a continuation of the PennVet Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor Program and is built on the overarching goal of providing high quality care to homeless dogs who lack access to veterinary care while at the same time advancing knowledge of breast cancer. This is a place where caring and science go hand in hand.


We have established a non-profit organization to perform this work. Karin and Mark will donate their skills and time at no cost to care for the homeless dogs enrolled into this program. However, treating for dogs with mammary tumors requires on-going funding for diagnostic testing, surgical care, support staff nursing care and clinical research. We have provided the start-up funds, but as we grow, we expect that additional funding will be needed. If you are interested in supporting Lesley’s Place and help us in this mission with your donation this is a safe donation site through PNC bank.

Alternatively, donations can be sent to:

Lesley’s Place c/o Dr Mark Cofone,
18 Sawmill Road,
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Donations will go directly to support the work of the Nonprofit and they are tax-deductible. (EIN 85-3385352)

Special Thanks

Many helped us get Lesley’s Place started and we’d like to say thank you!

Major support to keep us going