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Canine mammary gland tumors.
Effect of Ovariohysterectomy at the Time of Tumor Removal in Dogs with Mammary Carcinomas: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
The estrogen effect; clinical and histopathological evidence of dichotomous influences in dogs with spontaneous mammary carcinomas.
Effect of spaying and timing of spaying on survival of dogs with mammary carcinoma.
Developing and testing prognostic bio-scoring systems for canine mammary gland carcinomas.
Characteristics of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Primary and Paired Metastatic Canine Mammary Carcinomas.
Identification of prognostic collagen signatures and potential therapeutic stromal targets in canine mammary gland carcinoma.
A prospective randomized trial of desmopressin in canine mammary carcinoma.
Canine mammary gland tumours; a histological continuum from benign to malignant; clinical and histopathological evidence.
Effect of ovariohysterectomy at the time of tumor removal in dogs with benign mammary tumors and hyperplastic lesions: a randomized controlled clinical trial.
Modeling molecular development of breast cancer in canine mammary tumors.
Factors influencing complications following mastectomy procedures in dogs with mammary gland tumors: 140 cases