Finding Shelter

Finding Shelter represents one of the rescues we work with. This organization under the direction of Grace Kelly Herbert has redefined and expanded what rescue means. They do not only help homeless or abandoned dogs, but they are proactive and go out to puppy-mills and negotiate the voluntary surrender of older breeding dogs that are no longer productive. Many of these dogs are overbred, live in unacceptable conditions, receive little to no medical care and put down when they become sick or have served their purpose. We have treated several of the dogs Grace has brought to us and we appreciate her commitment to animal welfare and the work we do.

Brandywine Valley SPCA

Brandywine Valley SPCA represents a shelter we work with. This is a large shelter with satellite facilities in both Delaware and Pennsylvania and covers a large geographical area. In addition, BVSPCA has established a partnership with a Tangipahoa Animal Shelter in Louisiana. This previously a high-kill shelter has sent hundreds of dogs they cannot accommodate up north to BVSPCA where they get care and adopted out. Dogs with mammary tumors are referred to Lesley’s Place. We are grateful to BVSPCA for working with us and to Dr Sheri Wood, their Medical Director, for agreeing to serve on our board of directors. We believe that her experience and insight in shelter medicine will be extremely valuable for us and our future efforts.