Our Dogs

We treated our first dog in June 2021. Since that time, we have screened 11 dogs of which 9 were enrolled and treated for their tumors. We are fortunate to have met many wonderful dogs and caring people who have brought them to us. We are starting off 2022 with a full schedule. The need is out there; this is not a problem that goes away. But our mission is to do our part, one dog at the time.

Here are some of the new faces and their stories.


Moni was our first dog. She came to us via BVSPCA, but originated from Tangipahoa Animal Shelter in Louisiana. She is an example of a dog that benefitted from the collaboration between these 2 shelters. Many of the southern shelters are overcrowded and dogs with medical needs are often put down because the resources to treat them and find homes cannot accommodate their need. Unfortunately, Moni had aggressive and advanced tumors, and her prognosis is poor. But for now, she is living a comfortable life with her foster-mom.


Beautiful Rochelle came to us from Finding Shelter, a rescue co-founded by Grace Kelly Herbert. Rochelle was voluntarily surrendered from a puppy-mill farm where she had been used as a breeder for years. Despite her experiences, she has a wonderful friendly disposition and she smiled at us when we first met her for screening. Thanks to Finding Shelter she is now adopted by her foster family and thanks to Lesley’s Place she received treatment for her mammary tumors as well as a mast cell tumor.

Pixie Stick

Pixie Stick also came to us from BVSCA We know very little about her, but we suspect she used to have a home and an owner before she ended up on the street. She is sweet and lovable, but as so many other older intact female dogs, she had numerous mammary gland tumors. We were pleased to enroll her and treat her through Lesley’s Place. She is currently living a good life with her new foster family.

Sallie Sue

Sallie Sue came to us from Long Dogs and Friends Rescue. She had a large mammary tumor but otherwise in good health. She passed her screening, had her surgery, and was adopted shortly thereafter. Here is her photo from her Christmas celebration. It looks like she landed well!