Many dogs received the care they needed to survive and get out of the shelters through Dr Sorenmo’s work with the PennVet Shelter Canine Mammary Tumor program. Many went through incredible hardship before they were rescued. We will probably never know the extent of their suffering. Here are the stories of Sophie and Peanut and the humans who brought them home.

Sophie was homeless, alone, living on the on the streets of Lancaster. We do not know how she ended up there and how long she was homeless, we can just imagine the hardship she went through. She also had a very large and painful mammary tumor, that made it difficult for her to move around. She was eventually picked up by animal control and brought to a large regional animal shelter and from here she ended up at The PennVet Shelter Canine Mammary program where she received the care she needed. Here she caught the attention of one of the emergency service residents who decided Sophie would be the perfect dog for her parents. Despite her hardship Sophie was sweet and gentle and easy to love, and instant love was what happened when she met her parents. Now Sophie is living a truly blessed life in the rolling hills of Chester County. It has been more than 2 years since she was rescued from the street and treated for her mammary tumors and her prognosis is excellent. This is what her foster-mom describes the experience: “We are so grateful she came into our lives, and we have you and your study to thank for that!” Sophie represents so many dogs out there and all the good things that can come from saving them. This is the work we want to continue through Lesley’s place.